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Live Blogging Apple’s Event 3/21/2016



Hey everyone,

I will be live blogging today’s Apple Event.  It is widely anticipated that they will be releasing a smaller iPhone to allow customers on the older iPhone 5 models to upgrade the hardware without having to go to a bigger screen.  Why they completely abandoned the smaller screen in the first place is beyond me.

jeemoney March 21, 201611:05 am

That’s the event! Thanks for reading…just wanted to try my hand at live blogging. I had a problem with uploading pictures, so I’ll update the entries later with some pictures.

jeemoney March 21, 201611:04 am

In 2017, they are moving to the new campus, with the new theater for these Apple Events.

jeemoney March 21, 201611:02 am

He is recapping the product unveilings.

jeemoney March 21, 201611:02 am

Tim Cook is back on stage after the unveil of the successor of the iPad Air 2.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:57 am

iPad Pro starts at $599 for the 32GB, $749 for the 128GB, and $899 for the 256GB. Orders begin on March 24, and ships on March 31.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:56 am

He went through a litany of accessories like a USB camera adapter and SD card reader. Also through the the iSight camera specs, including recording 4K videos.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:54 am

Again with the pencil worship….”the greatest accessory that Apple has ever existed.”

jeemoney March 21, 201610:52 am

It has a A9X chip, and enhanced audio system, which gives it twice the volume of the iPad Air 2.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:51 am

True Tone will color the screen with the ambient light in the room. A white page could be yellowed if the light in the room is yellowed. Interesting feature.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:50 am

It has a True Tone display, to adjust the display with the ambient light in the area. The screen is also less reflective and brighter.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:49 am

A new iPad Pro with a 9.7″ screen. 200 Million iPad Pros sold to date. They really believe it will be a PC replacement.

This is the same size as an iPad Air 2.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:46 am

Ironically, they are hyping up the Apple Pencil after years of saying that nobody wants to use a stylus.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:44 am

He introduces Bill Shiller to tell us all about iPad.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:44 am

Tim is back on stage to talk about iPad.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:43 am

Minor updates to Notes app, Health app, News app.
Highlights Carplay and Education. Nothing very noteworthy here.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:41 am

NightShift will adjust the colors of your display at night towards the red end of the spectrum. Really cool feature.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:40 am

iOS 9.3 being introduced.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:39 am

Taking orders on the 24th, and shipping on March 31st. Starts at $399, and free on subsidized plans.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:36 am

It also captures 4k video like the 6s.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:35 am

Processing power is equal the iPhone 6s, with 12MP camera and an A9 processor. Twice the power of the iPhone 5S.

They are introducing a Retina flash for front-facing camera to provide additional light when taking a selfie. This just brightens the screen.
jeemoney March 21, 201610:33 am

The new 4″ model is the iPhone SE

jeemoney March 21, 201610:32 am

30 Million 4″ iPhones (old models) sold last year (2015).

jeemoney March 21, 201610:31 am

Now onto the iPhone. Tim invites Greg Joswin up.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:30 am

He is rehashing a bunch of apps that are available on Apple TV. Also, showing off Siri on Apple TV.

tvOS is adding folders and dictation.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:28 am

Tim moves onto Apple TV. I guess Apple Watch only received an extremely minor cosmetic update.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:28 am

Apple Watch now starts at $299.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:27 am

They are releasing a new watch band, a woven nylon band. Four layer construction. New colors for sports and leather bands.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:26 am

Starting product updates. Tim is starting with Apple Watch. He says it is #1 in customer satisfaction…no specifics on what #1 is.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:25 am

CareKit will be available to use for development in April.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:23 am

CareKit is being released to aid in research of specific diseases. Their first app is focused on Parkinson’s disease.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:21 am

They pumped up ResearchKit in diagnosing diabetes and autism research. I suspect this is just the beginning of collection of medical data using personal technology devices.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:15 am

Tim is back on stage to talk about Health and ResearchKit. He introduces Jeff Williams.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:14 am

Liam is their new robot that deconstructs iPhones into their parts for re-use.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:11 am

She spent time talking about how Apple is using solar panels, using recycled paper, and recycling Apple electronics.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:07 am

Lisa Jackson takes the stage to talk about becoming 100% renewable.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:06 am

He’s done addressing the privacy issue by saying they won’t change their minds.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:05 am

Tim Cook is addressing the iPhone privacy issue. It looks like they will be holding firm, claiming that people across the country are supporting Apple. They never thought they would be at odds with their own government.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:03 am

Ah, it’s Apple’s 40th birthday on April 1st.

jeemoney March 21, 201610:02 am

They started off the event with a video hyping up the date April 1, 2016.