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Death of Costco American Express is Nigh

Costco banner
Costco banner

The rumors of the demise of the Costco American Express card are not greatly exaggerated.  The final date has been published to be June 19, 2016.  They are going to replace this with the Costco Visa card, which I’ve been told should have almost identical perks.  When those perks are announced, I’ll have them on the site.

So, are you going to get the new Costco Visa card?  Comment below!


  1. Assuming the perks are the same, or close, I will absolutely switch over.
    As much as I love my Costco AMEX, I hate that so many businesses don’t accept it.
    This change is a welcome thing for me.

  2. Yes, American Express is losing business over their high charge amounts. However, I use the Fidelity American Express, which is 2% cashback straight into my brokerage account. While I can play the games of trying to map points into maximum value, or climbing up the rewards tiers, it’s just easier to capture the 2% flat from the first charge.