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Three Costco Hacks to Know – JeeMoney



Here are three Costco hacks to be aware of as you go up and down those aisles:

  1. Look for the prices that end in .97, such as $9.97 or $25.97.  Why?  This means that Costco is selling these items BELOW COST in order to clearance them out.  You are getting a GREAT deal on that item.  Of course, don’t buy it just to get a great deal…if you can’t stand canned peaches, well, don’t buy them.
  2. Look for price tags with asterisks on them.  That means they will not reorder them.  What you see is what they have left.  If the display is packed to the hilt, you might want to wait for the .97 pricing to come along.
  3. But if you don’t want to risk the item being sold out, then go ahead and buy it.  When you check back later, and you see the lower price, bring the item back and ask for a refund of the difference.  They will happily honor it.  You have 30 days from the purchase date to get the adjustment.

And here’s a freebie FYI: The hot dog and a soda deal has been $1.50 for 31 years.  Adjusting for inflation, in 1985, that combo felt like a $3.31 purchase would feel today.  In other words, you are getting that combo for less than 1/2 the price than someone did in 1985.