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Who Will Build the Next Great Car Company?


An interesting article about the future of our driving….will most of us not own cars in 2025?  That may be the case.  I suspect everyone will scale back down to just one car for emergency and spontaneous purposes.

Capitalism gives birth to creative destruction as people divert their capital towards the “next big thing” for profits.  This leads to greater progress…and the car companies are re-positioning themselves as mobility companies.  In 10 years, their sales will decline, and they have to offer, not vehicles, but mobility as their product.  This is why they are partnering up with Uber and Lyft.

If you are looking to buy a new car, I’d suggest you look for an used car, and be prepared for obsolescence within 10 years.

“During that first nervous minute, riders position their hands above the steering wheel and their foot above the brake, poised to take over in the event of a glitch. By the second minute they relax, and by the fifth minute they take their eyes off the road and chat as if they weren’t in the driver’s seat. After that, “there’s no way back,” Aviram says.”

Silicon Valley and Detroit are in a race to create our driverless future. And for the first time ever, the car may take a backseat.

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