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Arrested for not returning a VHS tape


And I can hear the younger millennials ask, “what is a VHS?”.  Before the days of movies on your flash drive, or on those shiny glorified circular coasters, called DVDs, us geriatric folk watched movies on these spindles of magnetic tape.  And there was a fee for returning a movie to the store that was not “rewinded” to the beginning.  Movie stores actually competed with one other by not charging the rewind fees.

VHS tape

They also charged late-return fees.  And Blockbuster used to charge something in the neighborhood of $120 for not returning a movie for a month after the due date.

One thing I never thought they would do is file a criminal charge with the government, that would still be in effect long after the store went out of business.

What does this have to do with JeeMoney?  Well, to avoid late fees on library books, bills, or other deadlines that uselessly cause you to spend more of your capital, use your smartphone to quickly jot down a reminder with a due date.  With the voice to text features in all smart phones, it should take you 5 seconds to do, and you could save tens or hundreds of dollars.

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