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Click here for free stuff!


I see it everyday.  Walmart is giving away $200 gift cards!  Bill Gates wants to hand out a free $100 just because he’s a nice guy!  Facebook, perhaps, has facilitated the gullibility of our population.  Or perhaps, it just merely exposes individual gullibility to all their social media connections.

Truth is, NOTHING is free.  Everything comes at a cost.  First of all, no corporation is going to just hand out money.  They may hand out free products, but they have calculated that they will make a profit after we all collectively order additional products.  Plus, they have marketing budgets to expand brand loyalty, and so while you got a free burger, you also are subconsciously more attached to the brand.

Let me be controversial for a minute: wanting free stuff comes from a heart of greed.  Think about it, nothing is free…somebody else has to put in the time, labor, skill and/or resources to produce what you are taking at no cost to you.  Even if they willingly give it to you, you just took however much of time/labor/resources from them without tangible payment.

Yahoo wrote an article about 3 social media scams that people consistently fall for.  The first scam caters to the greed in our hearts.  If you go by the motto, “NOTHING IS FREE”, you’ll avoid the first scam.  The other two scams deal with curiousity and fear that lives within us.  Please share this on Facebook and spread the word.

Read More: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/3-social-media-money-scams-you-need-to-watch-out-for-175434173.html