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Seasons Beatings – Consumer confidence at 17 year high


As the economy continues to gain strength, consumers are feeling the most confident in 17 years, since the year 2000.

Speaking anecdotally, I moseyed into Frys Electronics today around 10am.  I had no desire to do that 5a.m. thing again.  Last year, I bought a couple things and stood in the checkout line for about 15 minutes and was out of there.  This year, I got my 4 items, and got in the checkout line, which winded through the store.  It took about an hour and a half to check out.  It was a mad house, and this is a full 6 hours after the store opened.

It looks like, all across the country, people are looking to save money by buying items when they are most on sale…on Black Friday.

As this news article shows, ’tis the season to be jolly.

Stay frosty and be safe and stay merry.

A brawl erupted in Birmingham, Alabama which forced a mall to be shut early as shoppers fought over Black Friday deals.

Source: Black Friday chaos continues as thousands flock to stores and malls