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Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting Part 1


I have gone to the Berkshire Hathaway meetings since 2004.  It’s a weekend of learning, eating, shopping, and networking with other investors who talk about what they, themselves, are learning.  When I first went, it had 18,000 people in attendance.  Now it’s over 45,000.  Last year, they celebrated 50 years of Berkshire.

This year is the first time they are live-streaming the meeting.  So you can enjoy it, too!  I will post the link next week, when I have access to it.

In 2011, I created a 3 part video series on a weekend in Omaha.  Of course, this is from my perspective, and how I enjoy the weekend, while others enjoy it in many various forms.

This year, I may record some additional video to supplement my 5th trip since those videos.

This is the first of the videos created back in 2011.

This video covers packing up, leaving for Omaha, enjoying some activities in Council Bluffs, and the Friday Night Borsheims Shareholders Reception.